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Text Box: A.M.D.G.
Beads of Mercy was created to provide handcrafted, unique rosaries at reasonable prices, so that God may be glorified, His Mother honored, and the user delighted by their beauty. While the rosary can of course be prayed using any type of beads, or even fingers and no beads at all, it is also fitting to use an aesthetically pleasing sacramental that helps to turn our spirits towards God.  Perhaps they can even be left out on a bedside or coffee table or on the family altar as a visual call to a moment of meditation, or respite to pray an entire rosary. In a world that often has a warped concept of what is noble, true and beautiful, it gives me great joy to be able to create beads that possess beauty and are used to meditate upon the Life of Our Lord, who alone is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Why the name ‘Beads of Mercy’? Our Faith teaches us that God’s grace comes to us as a direct result of prayer. Besides the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, what more beautiful prayer do we as Catholics have than the rosary? We live in a world in desperate need of God’s mercy, which He so willingly bestows upon us when we pray. Rosary beads are also used to pray the Divine Mercy chaplet, given to St. Faustina by Our Lord as a vehicle to obtain graces from His Ocean of Mercy. 
Jesus, I trust in You!


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Our thanks to St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church of Picayune, MS for permission to link to their very informative and delightful website.



Courtesy of Marians of the Immaculate Conception

Text Box: Construction Details
Each rosary is strung on flex wire, which actually consists of 49 strands of nylon coated stainless steel. While a strung rosary may seem unusual to those accustomed to chained beads, strung rosaries are becoming increasingly popular. All connection points are double crimped for security using sterling silver or gold filled crimps.  I use fine quality materials such as natural gemstones from all over the world, glass beads from the Czech Republic, and seed beads from Japan. Some of the Our Father beads are lampwork beads – unique, handcrafted creations made by various glass artisans. The crucifixes and centerpieces are usually of sterling silver or bronze. The Paters are different from the Aves, either larger, capped, another kind or shape of bead, or perhaps carved so that there is a tactile cue that the next decade has been reached and is particularly helpful if one is praying with closed eyes or in the dark. Measurements noted as the length of the rosary indicate the measurement from the base of the crucifix to the top of the rosary when it is laid stretched out flat. 
Please Note- Due to the new CPSIA regulations I am no longer able to make rosaries or other items for children twelve years old or younger.


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